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Limited liablity partneship Registration

in just 7,499/- (All inclusive)*

Important Points

  • - Lowest fees across India
  • - It takes 10 to 15 days for LLP Registration
  • - Lesser compliances as compared to Pvt Ltd Company
  • - Limited liability of partners

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By paying Rs. 7,499/-

Limited liablity partneship

Limited Liablity Partneship

Do you want to start a business India and confused how to start? Then you are at right place. People often remain confused between private company and LLP registration and hence, we are here to explain you the difference. First of all, if you want to start a business then we will advice you to start with LLP registration because there is everything a LLP can offer which will help you to run a safe and risk free business.

However, if you want to start a startup, then we will recommend you to go for a private limited company this is because private limited company is only authorized to raise share capital. In Limited liability partnerships (LLP), you cannot raise share capital because there is no concept of shares in LLP registration.
Further, the LLP registration procedure is completely online and does not require any physical presence of any of the member. Further, the simple documentation has been prescribed for the LLP registration. Once LLP is registered, the next step is to prepare a LLP agreement. The LLP agreement is one of the most important document for running of LLP agreement. You can run LLP in any way possible and for that purpose you need to draft a proper LLP agreement.

Hence, forget about everything, if you want to start your business just go and register LLP in India.

Further Kindly provide the below mentioned documents for the further proceeding of incorporation of LLP.
  • 1. List of Partners.
  • 2. Voter ID/ DL/ Passport of both Partners.
  • 3. Latest Bank Statements of both Partners.
  • 4. Photographs of both Partners.
  • 5.Unique Email ID and Phone No. of both Partners.
  • 6. Share Capital Amount and Shareholding distribution both Partners.
  • 7. Latest Electricity Bill (not later than 2 months) for registered office of Company.
  • 8. PAN of both Partners.
  • 9. Company Mobile no. & Mail Id.